Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Clinique Longlast Glosswear Swatches and Review

Hey, y'all!
So, while my nephew is staying with us for a little while, we thought we'd go to this place called Lego Land, as he is a Lego Geek. It was in a mall, so, obviously, while I was there, I had to wander down to any cosmetic store I could find. I picked up two nail polishes, and this cute little set of Clinique lipglosses.
From left to right: Fireberry, Mystic, Kissyfit, Air Kiss, Sunset
When I fist opened them, the fist thing I noticed was the smell. It was vomit-inducing. But, after a while, I just got used to it. Overall, they're a pretty good quality set. My personal favorites were Mystic and Kissyfit.
It looks like this really dark purple color in the container, but on my lips, it actually looked like a dark brown tint. It was pretty sheer, but it can be layered.

This one was a hot pink color, not too sheer, so it only needs, like, one layer. Very pretty color.

A deep red color with a bit of shimmer. Another one that's not too sheer, so only apply a little at a time.
Air Kiss
This one is reeeally sheer. It looks like a pretty light pink color, but its really clear once applied. A bit of shimmer, but the color was a little decieving. =(
Another one where the color was decieving in the container. It looks like a light tan shimmery gloss, but is just clear. It matched my nails, though. =)

Soo, this is a pretty okay set. I wouldn't really say that this is a must-have, unless you're just starting out with makeup. Its a nice travel sized set, but other than that, nothing really special.

Tomorrow, I'll review Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Foundation.(Long name, geez)
Byebye =)


  1. Nice review for a first timer!
    I'm not too experienced myself but if I had to CC... I'd say set the gloss on a table (use a light colored tablecloth) and lay it on it's side to photo it instead of holding it. The pic will come out clearer because you don't have the movement from the camera hand and your holding hand.
    Does your camera have a macro function?

  2. Thanks for the CC =)
    Don't know what Macro Function is, but would it help?